Introduction to Elixir & Phoenix

9:40am to 10:30am
Rincon Room

Introduction to Elixir and Phoenix

A high level introduction to Elixir (a programming language) and Phoenix (a web framework) with an emphasis on what makes them different and unique compared to more common tools like PHP or newer tools like Go.
We'll talk a bit of history and background and how that shapes their strengths.

Specifically, we'll discuss:

  •  Functional Programming
  •  Multi-threaded concurrency
  •  Supervision trees
  •  Runtime introspection and hot swapping

And how these translate to code that:

  •  Is immutable and easy to test
  •  Is extremely stable with no downtime necessary for upgrades
  •  Can heal itself from errors
  •  Handle many websocket connections at once (Phoenix's record is about 2 million for one server)

We'll have a small demo, so bring your own device (phone, tablet, laptop)!

Alex Wynter, Application Systems Analyst/Developer, Senior, Graduate College