Lightning Round of Medical Imaging Workstation Projects

1:05pm to 1:15pm
Kachina Lounge

I will introduce some of the clients using the Medical Imaging Workstation to describe their projects and how the Medical Imaging Workstation has proved vital to their work.
So far I have a confirmed yes from the Koshy Lab to send a representative to talk on the following:
Better understanding of Toxoplasma/Host-cell relationship using Imaris 3-D reconstruction

Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular parasite capable of establishing a persistent CNS infection.  Better understanding the relationship between the parasite and its host cell helps to give us insight into how this is possible. In the Koshy lab, we combine new tissue clearing techniques, confocal microscopy and Imaris image analysis software to produce the largest images of parts of the infected mouse brain to give the most complete picture to date.

Christopher Deer, Research Computing Data Visualization Specialist, UITS