Managing Digital Assets at UA Using Adobe Experience Manager

10:40am to 11:30am
Santa Rita Room

Managing Digital Assets at UA using Adobe Experience Manager
Over the course of the last two years and encouraged by more than a dozen units at U of A, the Office of the CIO developed an RFP to identify and acquire a Digital Asset Management system. This RFP lead to the acquisition of Adobe’s digital asset management system, AEM - Assets.
This presentation will touch briefly on the RFP process and major goals leading to the selection of AEM - Asset, the current on-boarding and integration efforts, and implementation timeline. This session will introduce basic functionality and will include brief presentation(s) by one or more early adopters (in University Relations and the Museums), to demonstrate how they are beginning to leverage AEM in their daily workflows. Lastly, we will discuss integration goals with other U of A systems/technologies, as well as, share how attendees can become participants in the overall process.

Jim Coleman, Business Relationship Manager, Office of the CIO