Providing Access to Geospatial Data at the University Library

3:00pm to 3:20pm
Rincon Room

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Providing access to Geospatial Data at the University Library

As the use of GIS becomes increasingly integrated into research and analysis across all areas of study, the need for the University Library to provide archival support and appropriate distribution services has become apparent.  In addressing these needs and in an effort to establish a centralized repository for geospatial data, the Library has implemented an instance of the OpenGeoportal web application to act as a front end to expose the data.  The Open Geoportal project is a multi-institutional collaborative effort to provide an open-source application that allows for the retrieval of geospatial data from multiple contributing repositories held at the member institutions.  Using GeoServer and Apache Solr as back-end services, we are able to provide easily searchable access to the contents of geospatial repositories at the University of Arizona and across the country. Data can be previewed, queried, downloaded through the web and can also be accessed through any GIS desktop application capable of supporting the Open Geospatial Consortium industry-standard web feature, coverage, and map services.

Ben Hickson, Geospatial Specialist, University Library