Emerging Technology Tools to Engage All Learners

10:40am to 11:30am
Catalina Room

Implementing innovative uses of technology that foster active, student-centered learning can prove a challenge, particularly those that support differentiated learning.  In this quick-fire, hands-on app showcase, four members of the Office of Digital Learning will spotlight several emerging technologies available at the UA for use in the face-to-face, blended and fully-online classroom.  They will share strategies and effective practices for use by both students and educators, and highlight innovative approaches to incorporating the tools into the classroom.

This session will benefit practitioners from all backgrounds and skill levels, particularly those seeking ways to foster learner autonomy over the educational process. It will be structured as an ""app smackdown"" where participants will be encouraged to join in on the discussion and share feedback through a live backchannel. Participants will leave with a bevy of effective practices that they might implement in their own teaching and learning or in supporting their colleagues in their efforts to support student engagement.

Angela Gunder, Assoc. Director of Digital Learning & Instructional Design, Office of Digital Learning