How a User-Focused Process Helps Us Build the Best Solutions

1:00pm to 1:50pm
Rincon Room

"You can check out a calculator and other equipment, but I didn't know that..."

The library has been lending out technology since 2007, but the content on the website wasn't working well for our growing selection of items. We could have approached this as a technical problem. Moving the content from the old website to the new website would have met the requirements we were hearing. We decided to do one better. Instead of developing technical requirements or jumping into building new functionality right away, we partnered with our internal stakeholders and we did research to learn more from our users. We worked on understanding the problem from many perspectives, and through that work we collaboratively discovered a clear picture of a more complete and scalable solution.

We'll share how we purposefully gathered information throughout the course of the project, talk about the work we did to understand the problem, explain the technical solution we built, and talk about what we learned after this work was complete. Building things is about making many tiny decisions; our user-focused framework helps us stay on the same page and make sure what we're building is going to have an impact.

Ginger Bidwell, Website Designer/Developer, University Libraries