Making the World: How UA Students Are Coding Full Stack Apps in an Internationalized Team Environment

2:05pm to 2:15pm
Kachina Lounge

A lightning talk with accompanying poster to share what the Tech.Global team has been coding up in 2016 and how this new kind of acheter viagra belgique program works to give passionate students an applied learning environment in which to develop skills while boosting UA administrative and research capacity.  For the developers in the room, we will take a super-quick dive into our stack, then share some of our favorite projects, like the Maps.Global visualization engine and the new VR environments we are creating for Oculus Rift.  A brief look at the program’s approach to student assessment and our special emphasis on intercultural competency will be of interest to educators working in areas such as internationalization, business innovation, and service learning.  A 100% Engagement initiative, Tech.Global explores the spaces between cultures, between technologies, and between research domains because that’s where awesome comes from.  It will be a short lightning talk, so please join us afterwards at our poster session (hopefully with a kiosk!) to check out our work first hand, and talk shop.

Ash Scheder Black, Director of Technology, Office of Global Initiatives