Poster FAQs

Q: What is a poster session?
A:  A poster session consists of two components: 

First, it is a visual display of an initiative, project, or research and secondly, it involves interaction with the audience.  The poster is usually made using PowerPoint slides or some other computer software.  Then the slides are printed and placed on a poster board.  The visual display includes text, tables, graphs etc.

Second the poster session requires that the author(s) interact with Summit attendees during the allotted session time.  During the session, presenters stand with their posters, and the audience circulate freely, seeking out the particular presentations they are interested in and talking directly to the presenter in small groups.

Q: What makes a good poster presentation?
A: First, a good proposal. Poster sessions are intended to give you the chance to present interesting ideas and start conversations with others. Additionally, proposal titles and abstracts are one of the major tools the audience will use to identify posters of interest, so it is important to communicate clearly.

Second, the poster itself. It is important to understand that a poster is neither a paper nor a slideshow. The poster isn't there for the audience to just read, it is a visual aid for you to use in creating a quick engaging impromptu presentation, and to refer to in answering questions and fueling discussion. Use this session as a way to make connections with people that you can continue through the open spaces or informally during the IT Summit.

Q: Can I submit both a poster and a presentation proposal?
A: Absolutely! We encourage everyone to submit a poster proposal even if they have also submitted a presentation proposal. If both are accepted, we encourage authors to adapt their presentation to make the best use of each venue. Even if a presentation proposal cannot be accommodated by the program committee, it may still be well suited for a poster presentation.

Q: When is the poster session?
A: The official poster session will be the afternoon of Tuesday, October 24, 2017 4:00-4:30 pm in the Student Union Grand Ballroom. During this time, the presenter will be available to entertain informal questions and discussions about the poster display.

Q:  When should I set up my poster?
A: If you submit your poster by the print deadline of Friday, October 13 by 12pm (noon), the planning committee will take care of hanging your poster for you. If we do not receive your poster before the deadline you will be responsible for printing your own poster and setup on the morning of October 24. The goal is to have the posters displayed all day on October 24 leading up to the afternoon poster session.

Q: What are the components of the poster layout?
A: The poster includes a title, your name, affiliation, abstract, key points, graphics, and references.

Q:  When should I take down my poster?
A:  Immediately upon conclusion of the poster session.

Q:  Are there resources that can help me with my poster?
Yes, please check out the list of resources below: