Presentation Opportunities

The UA IT Summit program covers relevant and thought-provoking topics to engage attendees and spur new ideas or ways of thinking about IT trends and applications.

Presenters are:

  • Members of the UA community with experience in information technologies used for academics and instruction, research, or the enterprise. We hope you will be one of them! Submit a proposal.
  • High-level sponsors bring their experience and solutions to campus, to provide a valuable perspective for the challenges we face. Vendors are encouraged to explore the opportunities for their subject matter experts to present at the various sponsorship levels.

Become a presenter! UA’s system administrators, web and application developers, support staff, information security professionals, programmers, instructional designers, and network administrators are looking for:

  • Information about a campus service, project, or initiative
  • An introduction to a tool or workflow
  • Best practices or lessons learned
  • An opportunity for collaboration or partnership


The IT Summit will offer several tracks of presentations on topics of interest. Depending on the amount of information you have to offer, there are 45-minute, 20-minute, and 10-minute slots available in the program.

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Poster Sessions

Posters will be on display throughout the day of the IT Summit for attendees to browse. During the official Poster Session period on the agenda, poster presenters stand with their information to answer questions and discuss their material with attendees.

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Workshop Day, the day after the IT Summit, provides the opportunity for a more hands-on experience with two- to three-hour time slots. Is your topic one that participants can work on during your session to gain real understanding?

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New for 2018!

VR/AR Showcase

The University Libraries’ VR/AR demonstration day is moving to IT Summit Workshop Day! If you have virtual reality or augmented reality projects and/or resources to show off to the university community, come table at the Showcase and network with your campus peers.

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New for 2018!


What campus challenges could a group of colleagues spend four or eight hours of dedicated time on solving?

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