What's So Special About a Special Interest Group?

10:45am to 10:55am
Kachina Lounge

Campus user and special interest groups (SIGs) have a particularly important place within the University of Arizona's distributed model for computing services by improving communication and encouraging adoption of standards and best practices across colleges, schools, and departments. These groups provide an opportunity for computing staff on campus with common interests or technology needs to work together and support one another through information sharing and work on campus projects and teams.

The ITSIGs umbrella tries to reduce the barrier of entry for people to coalesce around new ideas and technologies and exchange user stories, use cases, and lessons learned. By using new types of communication tools such as Slack and Confluence, SIGs can build a rich knowledge base, allowing them to expand and build from prior experiences. SIGs also represent a diversity of users and builds a strong network to draw upon.

Join us to learn about the history of SIGs at UA, learn how to build your professional network by joining or creating a SIG, and by sharing your ideas and experience with the UA IT Community.

Brett Bendickson, Development Architect, UITS