Voice of the Student: Outcomes from UA Trellis Student User Research

How many emails does a student get in a day? Too many, when you ask them, and much of what they receive is perceived and irrelevant or redundant. Come learn about this and other insights gained through the student survey and campus intercepts conducted by the Trellis CRM team in May 2019. Trellis's mission includes optimizing the student digital experience and empowering human interactions by streamlining how students find and engage with UA services and communities, and enabling campus communicators and student service professionals to deliver highly targeted and personalized communications and support. Trellis is taking a human centered design approach to understanding what students' needs and identifying high value opportunities for enhancing how they access services and information. With over 2000 students responding, this early round of student user research will play a formative role in defining the path forward. Come hear what student have to say about communications, business processes, technology, how they find and engage with UA Services, and how they connect to peers and community.


October 29, 2019 1:00pm to 1:50pm


Kachina Lounge


Application Development