Write Once, Run Thrice: Using Xamarin to Share Code with Native iOS, Android and Windows Phone Apps

If you have a small development staff but have clients demanding mobile apps for the major platforms, fear not! This demo-heavy, hands-on workshop will give a very brief, Julia Child-esque overview of how you can write shared C# or F# code that will compile into full-featured native apps—apps that are able to access device features such as GPS, Bluetooth and push notifications. You'll create a sample mobile app to walk through the considerations and the effort involved in going from zero to supporting three distinct ecosystems with minimal platform-specific alterations. A GitHub repository will be made available after the presentation with the code used.

Register by March 30.
Bring a fully charged Windows or Mac laptop with the tools below installed.

  • For an iOS project, a Mac is required in order to compile.
  • On a Windows device, only Android and Windows UWP projects will be able to be built.

Windows Users:

  • Visual Studio Community 2017 (free) or Visual Studio Professional 2017 with Xamarin Tools
  • .NET Standard 2.x SDK or Xamarin Tools
  • Git command line tools

Mac Users:

  • Visual Studio Community 2017 (free) or Visual Studio Professional 2017, Mac Edition
  • Git command line tools
  • XCode
  • Android Studio (recommended but not required)